Kite Sourcing provides business solutions and consulting to Indian and Overseas Clients in imports and exports. Our Team is dedicated to provide tailored solutions to the desired business needs of a huge range of suppliers across India.We have focused on developing a thorough expertise in Indian Manufacturing. This Focus expertise enables our clients to save money, time and improve quality by sourcing from India.

We consider each client is a unique entity. The challenges and market places are different to every client. However the solutions we recommend are unique and are within our client requirements. We offer expert solutions in sourcing from small to large companies around the globe.

All our Sourcing experts are guaranteeing complete independence from the suppliers and manufacturers. We are fully committed to delivering results that you can trust and be sure that you are in peace of mind. Our Experts with different industry experience provide matured solutions in our business operations. Kite Sourcing targets to provide best products to our overseas clients with variety of Goods and products sourced from all over India and neighboring countries. Our knowledge and experience in dealing with Indian Manufacturing Industries gives us strong capabilities to source products across India.

We are committed to excellence and our quest for customer satisfaction. Kite Sourcing is a one-stop shopsolution for buyers considering India.