Sourcing and importing from Low Cost Countries has increased for the past few years. India is now among the top manufacturing sectors such as textiles, chemical products, metals, general machinery, equipment and electrical machinery according to the UN Industrial Development Organization.

By 2020 India expects to be the second exporter among all the countries in the world. If you are Large, Medium and Small companies looking for importing goods from India and wish to purchase goods at a desired quality for the best price negotiable and you are not aware of the best manufacturer or the supplier you trust, Kite Sourcing is the best solution for you. Kite Souring ( Moksh Associates) has many solutions for you to import goods from India.

Benefits of Kite Sourcing :

We are complied with a huge database of supplier and local contacts who are competitive, trust worthy business partners across India to able to source your desired products with desired quality at a best market price. Our sourcing experts find best resources for your needs on new and existing Indian products made easy. Kite Sourcing identifies and select the best performing Indian Manufacturers as well as negotiate the best ratio in quality and-price.

Kite Sourcing is a team of experts personally responsible for making sure quality control corresponds with even the most demanding quality standards. Our quotations always include and maintain quality controls. Above all, If your goods require a quality testing company we hire international independent quality testing company to provide you with official certifications.