We aim to make your life easier by finding for you the products you seek in India, the promising and attractive country in production. With Kite Sourcing you will have a trust worthy business partner well established locally to avoid any problems caused by using a company based out of India. Our relationships with suppliers are strong and guarantees you the best quality targeted at the lowest market price.We have in depth market understanding in several sectors and we identify the best distribution channels for you.All our quotes are rigorous quality control with inspection done by our management and audited by an independent certified company in order to deliver official documents proving their confirmation subject to the rules and regulations of your destination country. We handle all the export formalities, Insurance and shipping.


We undertake specific market intelligence and our entry to the market will be on customized projects based on clientrequirements.We make research and collect information from different areas for our improvement. OurSourcingexpertise is based on Technical and Industry.


If you have already selected the suppliers in India, we offer you accountability and quality control check by kite sourcing management avoiding you to travel and thus saving your time and expenses. The quality tests are done at your desired choice of companies or by any independent international testing company which approves the testing confirmation in your country.


We can arrange the shipment of FCL (Full Container Load) LCL (Less than container load), Air Freight and Express shipment in accordance with customer requirements. We track the shipments and work closely with the customers to arrange delivery at suitable times. We can also arrange Vendor managed Inventory at suppliers premises if the orders volumes are suffice. We also offer dedicated PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICE to big companies. 


We reciprocate to your queries quickly and manage your orders and are always available for you with various communications. You will always have a point of contact from the day of your inquiry till the delivery of your products. Kite sourcing has strong strength in its professionalism and is mainly concern to keep our outstanding reputation with our clients.If ever you wish to come to India for any meetings or negotiations with suppliers, We receive and assist you with utmost personal care and source you to find the best products anywhere within India. We finally make a Customer Satisfaction review with our management.

Email us on for more information, or to arrange a meeting to discover how Kite Sourcing can assist with your import and outsourcing requirements from India.